Rotary Club Chisinau in Moldova

Vor 25 Jahren habe ich diesen Rotary Club neu gegründet.

Am 10. April 2023 habe ich dieses freundliche Schreiben der Rotarierin Raisa erhalten:

Good afternoon, dear Rotarian friends Erich and Suzy. What a great joy that you are in good health! And you continue to post articles, news, and photos on a site that has been hitting over a million clicks a long time ago. I have long been a regular reader and admirer of your talents... 

I conveyed your wishes to the members of the Chisinau club.

In response, we send you a photo from our meeting. That day, the Ambassador of Romania to Moldova, Mr. Cristian-Leon Turcan, visited the Club. In the photo he is in the center with glasses. I am also sending you a photo of the Brussels World Presidential Conference.

The World President was Carlo Ravizza, in the photo I am to his right.

Am 5. Mai 2023 habe diese Antwort erhalten:

Hello dear Rotary friends Erich and Suzy.

Thank you for your generous understanding of the delay in my reply.

When I saw the publication about the Rotary Chisinau Club, I was delighted! 

But on the same day, I went to the border of Moldova with Ukraine, where air shells have already fallen 3 times, the electricity is cut off and there is not always internet. My son's wife is temporarily staying there with 2 twin granddaughters.

I am actively engaged in their move to Chisinau, to a safer place.

Therefore, I was not present at the anniversary of the Rotary Club,  but I am sending you a site with photos and videos.


 Best regards 

Your Rotary friend Raisa Vasilasсu

Bilder vor 25 Jahren

Bilder von 2023 anlässlich der 25-Jahr Feier